Be Body Positive (and don’t let the bastards grind you down)!

Never ever let anybody to shame you because of your body!

Feeling ashamed of your curvy lines can make it harder to change your lifestyle. Love your body and engage in healthy habits because you love yourself. According to Renee Engeln Ph.D., psychology professor and body image expert you can choose loads of different strategies to shut down body shaming comments. You can ignore them and change the topic, or you can talk about YOUR own choice of healthy lifestyle in “I statements”:Next time you can reply to a body-shamer friend or family member like this:

“I love you, but you have to know that your words make me hurt. I would like to keep a great relationship with you, so please stop talking about my body, as you cannot help me with this. I’m grateful that you want to help me, but I have already found the best way to be healthy. By the way, have I already mentioned you how great is my new work project?”

And voilá, you took the control of the conversation!

Take the control of your own lifestyle, too!

You are the one and only decision-maker in your own life. Only you can decide that you are ready to change your lifestyle in order to be healthier. So be smart and conscious. Do not follow magazine diets and exercise challenges. Good diets and exercise programmes are easily recognizable, as they are always personalized. Choose a qualified Personal Trainer who can help to find the best method for you and create a personalised training programme.

Be honest and generous with yourself

Write a diary where you take notes not only about your diet and exercise data, but about your personal feelings and thoughts. After some weeks you can see your general motivation, how you feel about the food, what are your “trigger points” and how to be over e.g. craving and less motivated period. But be careful: do not judge yourself! Just write down the facts about your days without any critics, negative thoughts and judgements.

Eat in meal time

The most important evidence-based trick: If you eat in every 2-4 hours a regular amount of good quality food, but not a bite between two meals, you already made a huge step to reach your goals.With this one simple “trick” you can balance your blood sugar and insulin level and so avoid craving, switch on your main fat burner enzyme, the hormone sensitive lipase, and also help your digestive system in working properly.

Train 3-4 times per week

Walking is the easiest and most effective training method if your BMI is over 35. You can start with walking: when you are able to talk, but you sweat a little and breath a bit harder, that will be the good intensity at the beginning. Go for a brisk walk at least every second day. If you want to train at home, always ask the help of a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer at least in the first steps.

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