Why Personal Training Sessions take so long here?

Yes, I know. Most of the Personal Trainers offers you 30 minutes session … and they ask more money than me for the 75 minutes.

Why I give you more value for less money?

Because a professional workout contains at least 10 minutes warming up, 40 minutes main part with personalised exercises AND loads of information about the exercises, your body, etc. and when we are ready with that, we still have 5 minutes for cooling down, and 15 minutes for stretching.

I followed this method for years when I had my own fitness studios in Budapest, and I insist on my proven, science-based systems here in Ireland as well. Gyms work according to strict timetables, but we can take our time to do perfect work. I never give up my professional principles for more money, my clients’ security, long term health and their future results are the most important focus points for me.

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