Interval Workout for Women with PCOS and IR: IRIE is coming soon!

​IRIE – The workout method designed for women with Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Hi, my name is Gina, I am a Personal Trainer with more than 10 years of professional experience and your fellow “cyster”.

IRIE is an acronym where IR stands for Insulin Resistance and IE for Interval Exercise. It is a dynamic but moderate intensity interval work​​out method that I originally designed six years ago, for women like me. For women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who want to get pregnant, who have been suffering from the symptoms for a long time. For women who were blamed for gaining weight and struggling with losing it, but no one explained the real causes, the hormonal background, and for women who were told to lose weight but not told how to do this. But also for women living in a smaller body who were refused by their doctors, telling “you can’t have PCOS, you are not overweight”.

IRIE is not the magic pill. IRIE is not a “one-fits-all” online programme, where you pay the fee and get some recorded training videos from random fitness gurus. IRIE is an evidence-based online training method with several satisfied former and current clients.

We work in a small group, for 8 weeks, from a beginner level, by gradually increasing the intensity. I will know who you are, where you come from and what is your goal. And I will see you during the live online sessions and can make corrections on your movement if needed. So your IRIE sessions will be like a normal in-person fitness class, but you can train in the comfort of your own home.

I believe that you are the greatest expert of your own body. I just would like to show you things, like, how to “translate” the signs of your body. How to use a heart rate monitor. How to listen to your physical sensations and modify your movement according to what they are telling you. How to perform certain exercises, and how to implement them into your daily movements, in your everyday life. That’s why the programme also contains 4 webinars for getting deeper knowledge about the most important topics, such as PCOS lifestyle, HR controlled exercise, foundations of body-neutral and intuitive training, breathing, posture, functional exercise, etc).

IRIE is a smart method for smart people who want to understand how their body works and not just follow rules and restrictions made by others.

IRIE is for you:

– if you want to start doing regular exercise but are not sure what would be the best workout for you
– if you are struggling with the symptoms of PCOS and your main goal is to eliminate them
– if you are trying to conceive or you have already given birth (and still have certain postnatal symptoms)
– if you are looking for a body neutral trainer who celebrates the abilities of your body and not its look
– if you want to be a part of a supportive and safe community of fellow cysters


IRIE is an 8-week morning or afternoon programme (but we may proceed to further 8-week advanced programmess if the group decides to continue) with 2 sessions per week, Monday-Friday 10am OR Tuesday-Friday 6pm.

Number of participants: minimum 6 and maximum 12 participants.

The programme(s) start(s) at the end of May 2022.


The introductory price for the first Irish group is only €120. (Payment in 2 installments is available.)
This fee contains:

– 16 online live exercise sessions (I record each session, so you can see them back)
– 4 mini webinars about PCOS lifestyle and exercise-related topics
– continuous support in our Facebook private group

All applicants must complete a detailed health questionnaire. For your safety, I reserve the right to refuse any applicants if the programme is not suitable for them due to any contraindications.

I’m interested!

If you want to participate in the first programme please fill this short form out and I contact you as soon as possible:

Let me know – My PCOS story:

I was only 20 years old when I first saw that four-letter word on my medical documents: PCOS. I was told to start taking birth control pills and come back when I wanted to get pregnant and they were going to make me a baby… 

Fifteen years, a divorce and a Fitness Trainer Cert later, I had another diagnosis: Insulin Resistance. I was lost. I struggled with Eating Disorders, had acnes at my chin bone, gained lots of weight, and felt totally depressed. I wanted to understand what was happening in my body and desperately wanted to find a solution. I read books and studies, talked to medical professionals, and researched what could be the ideal exercise that might improve my health and help to eliminate those annoying symptoms. When I finished my EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer studies, too, I already knew what I wanted to do: to help my fellow cysters to live a great life without the symptoms of PCOS.

In 2013 I established my own fitness studio in Budapest for women with PCOS and Insulin Resistance and dedicated my life to working with these amazing strong warriors. Five years ago I met a handsome guy in Dublin (the very first time when I’ve been in Ireland :D), and I had to follow my heart. I moved to Ireland, got the Irish fitness qualifications, too, and continued my profession in this beautiful country.

We live in Kilkenny with our 2-years-old daughter and our furry and funny dog. I work as a Personal Trainer, and I also facilitate local sports programmes for Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership as a tutor. I am a REPS Ireland member.

My qualifications

2022 Level 5 Diabetes Exercise Specialist (Origym, ongoing)
2021 Pre and Postnatal Trainer (IWI)
2021 Postnatal Fitness Specialist (Jessie Mundell Academy)
2021 Activator Poles Trainer (FitWalk Ireland)
2020 Level 6 Certificate in Exercise and Health Fitness (University of Limerick)
2019 Level 5 Certificate in Exercise and Health Fitness (Ormonde College, Kilkenny)
2018 Level 5 Certificate in Sports Nutrition
2018 Postnatal Trainer (Almasy Academy)
2015 Polar Cardio Trainer
2015 Functional Trainer (ARTS Fitness Academy)
2013 Nutrition and Wellness Trainer
2012 EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer (IFBB Fitness Company)
2011 EQF Level 3 Fitness and Body Building Sports Coach (IFBB Fitness Company)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Gina, your PCOS Trainer 

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