In-person services are available in Kilkenny or online.

Personal Training in Kilkenny or online

from only €34 / 60 mins!

Personal Training sessions (also available in the comfort of your home and online)

60 min / €42

    18 sessions for 612 euros  (€34/60 min)

    12 sessions for 456 euros  (€38/60 min)

     6 sessions for 240 euro (€40/60 min)

75 min / €50

    18 sessions for 756 euros  (42€/75 min)

    12 sessions for 552 euros  (46€/75 min)

     6 sessions for 288 euro (48€/60 min)

Trainer2Go extra charge: €5/session within Kilkenny city, €1/km within County Kilkenny

Personal consultation

  • Free Body Composition Measurement by bioimpedance-based scale (in-person only)
  • Evaluation of your current lifestyle, health, fitness level
  • Personalized suggestions to lifestyle changing- and fitness strategy
  • Lifestyle guidance 

You have to complete a very detailed health questionnaire before our consultation and you can also let me know what topics are the most
relevant for you, but below you find some topics that we can touch on:

If you have PCOS and/or insulin resistance:
– background of PCOS, genetic, hormonal, and lifestyle aspects
– 4 main pillars of treatment (diet, exercise, psychological, and
medical pillars)
– foundations of PCOS-friendly exercise (heart rate control; what type
of workouts are good for us, exercise for hormonal
balance, training at home, postnatal training considerations etc.)
– anything you need help with

If you have postnatal symptoms:

​- what are your core muscles and why are they important
– what is the link between postnatal symptoms such as low back pain, diastasis recti (separated abs) or incontinence
– how to fix your postnatal symptoms

75min / €50

Also available online!

Full Fitness Assessment

  • Personal consultation 
  • Health screening questionnaire
  • Physical fitness test, corrective exercise movement assessment
  • Evaluation of your results
  • Personalised fitness suggestions

75 min /  €55

Home Exercise Programme

  • Full Fitness Assessment
  • Creating and Teaching of Your Own Personalised Home Exercise Programme
  • Handout
  • Review of your Home Exercise Programme in 6 weeks

4 sessions /  €150


Online coaching

  • Personalised, HR based exercise plan for every week based on your current condition, previous week performance and goals
  • Checking your diet diary, general nutritional advice
  • Weekly written or video consultation about your previous week
  • No limit to questions via e-mail
  • Continuous support


PCOS Online Group Exercise Programme

Coming soon!


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