I was over 40, over 6 miscarriages, but only 5 recoveries… I didn’t know where to go. After the sixth loss, I knocked it out, I knew it couldn’t go any further. I worked a lot, I had no clue of sports. Finally I found a good endocrinologist who told me that I had trouble with my thyroid and insulin and they had to be treated.

I accidentally met Gina’s lifestyle change program, and there, at the bottom of a pit, unexpectedly I was able to make a good decision.

Less work, more sports, less doctors, more healthy food.

Gina clearly explained how my body works, how it responds to different diets, exercises, and it was quite different than we would have thought. Then she motivated, taught and trained me and my fellows for three months. And at the end of the 90 days, in our last reassessment, there was a New Little Life again. With a big difference: this little girl finally stayed with us. She became my new Personal Trainer.

So girls, don’t give up! And don’t forget: sometimes the best place to take momentum is the bottom of the pool…

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