I met Gina at the end of 2015, at the age of 42.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Metablic Syndrome and was living a totally unhealthy life. I was sitting in front of the computer 10-12 hours a day or


going on business trips not allowing “Me” time for myself.

I found out about Gina on facebook from an interesting article about PCOS and heart rate monitoring and looked up her studio on the internet. And called her.

And I met one of theĀ most inspiring persons in my life. She listened. She understood. And gave the tools in my hand which then served as a basis for a much healthier way of life. She put together a programme fully tailor-made to my needs taking into consideration my weird schedule focusing on home-training and having weekly personal training and follow-up sessions.

My programme also included Pilates training -with my beloved Vica- through which I understood the importance of my spinal cord.

What I took from our joint work with Gina is basically how to train and eat smart. I learnt the basic principles of the 160g carbohydrate diet and what works best for my body.

Since then I always do my trainings with heart rate monitoring.

And surprise-surprise: it works!

Not overnight.

And not without my own commitment and contribution.

It is sometimes hard work. But then you feel it is so natural.

Although not a psychologist, Gina helped me recognize my own “greatness” and how to be “well” inside through self-acceptance.

She gave me 90 mins (and even more) full focus during our sessions and could motivate me like no one else

What I appreciated the most and I think this is where we clicked is her absolute empathy and ability to feel you. She is strict but at the same time also understanding.

It happened that she conducted a 90-min meditation and stretching instead of a strength training just because I was not feeling well.

Finally I lost 10 kilogramms at the end of my programme!

Not that we measure success in kilograms but I do feel much better and love being taken for a 35-year old… šŸ™‚

Thank you Gina forever!

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